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News | October 25, 2017

5 Photos of Washington, D.C. in Autumn That Sinners Like Us Don’t Deserve


5 Photos of Washington, D.C. in Autumn That Sinners Like Us Don’t Deserve

WASHINGTON – That magical time of year is nearly upon us in the District of Columbia, when the crisp, rejuvenating fall air blows in and the foliage begins its breathtaking transition into autumnal color. It’s the perfect time for Georgetown students to get out there and enjoy the natural splendor – or it would be, if we weren’t all such unabashed sinners, walking around arrogantly unburdened by the weight of guilt from our many collective societal failures. Here are 5 photos of the magic we can expect to see this year, along with the reasons we are too intrinsically flawed to deserve such beauty.

This lovely photograph of the Washington Monument adorned by the pure red brilliance of a D.C. autumn!


Undoubtedly beautiful, but if you find yourself beginning to enjoy this photograph, just remember that our oceans are still far from recovered from the BP oil spill in 2010 and that the catastrophic effects this incident had on the ecosystem are still prominent seven years later.


This photograph of the Capitol building showing off its colors!


This would be nice if it weren’t for the fact that the Ozone layer is burning and every day of inaction brings us closer to collective destruction.


This photograph of the Lincoln Memorial surrounded by some stunning autumnal foliage!


I can tell you’re close to thinking that this beauty is something you deserve to appreciate. Let me stop you right there, because unless you’ve done something meaningfully altruistic without even a thought of your own self-interest lately, you don’t deserve to look at this photograph. Move along.


This stunning pano!

Jefferson Memorial Autumn Panorama

Can you guess where in our beautiful city this photo was taken? That’s right, the Jefferson Memorial! That’s downtown, quite a far distance from where your soul will eventually land after all of your failures will land you on judgment day (hell!)

This super-cute photo of our home turf, Georgetown, draped in beautiful yellow foliage!

That’s right, even when taken mere minutes from our campus at 37th and O, we still do not deserve this photo. We are better off just walking around with our heads hung in shame and ignoring all this beauty altogether. Remember to keep that in mind as the autumn season begins to roll in this year!