Experts: Increasingly Stressful Home-Life on Track to Eliminate Rest of DeGioia’s Hair by 2025   Recently updated !

  HEALY- Scientists warned Wednesday morning that an increasingly heated home life will result in the complete elimination of Georgetown President John DeGioia’s hair by 2025. “If current trends continue, we are looking at full baldness in 10 years. That would be an aesthetic catastrophe, the effects of which may be irreversible,” said notable hair […]

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New Leo’s Salad Bar to Include Shredded Union Contract Proposals

LEO O’DONOVAN HALL — Citing the need for more variety in the options at Leo’s Dining Hall, Aramark will add the discarded remains of fair contract proposals to the Salad Bar selection.   “We hope that offering another option like shredded union contract proposals will help to reduce lines and give students an additional healthy […]


The Heckler Reviews: “The Imitation Game”

via The Imitation Game honors Alan Turing, the British math genius whose groundbreaking machine allowed the Allies to decode messages encrypted by the German Enigma. Such originality—such unabashed inventiveness—only arrives once a generation. And this generation will be no exception.   At the time I saw the Imitation Game, I was drawing up plans […]

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SAC Adds 75 Foot Obstacle Course to Funding Application

  LEAVEY CENTER: A policy change made by SAC today altered the HoyaLink Event Application Form, or EAF, to include a 75 foot obstacle course, located on the 3rd floor of the Leavey center. The course, which will include a moat, a tire course, and a CSE worker building a literal stone wall in front […]